There are still moments when I fall in love with the memory of you
I could feed you cliches about how your eyes are endless pools of diamonds
And how your smile resembles the first snow of the year... Which are true...

But let me try to find another way

I enjoy the beauty that radiates from you
And the way that when I look at you I don't go weak at the knees
But forget how to stand entirely
The thing that I love most about you is that you emanate pure brilliance
That changes the way I feel about darkness
At any given moment you have me caught between unable to speak and unable to breathe
I sob like a baby at the thought of losing you all over again
I can feel the shattered pieces of my heart move around in my chest
From the time I wake up in the morning to the time I lay down at night
This is a suffering I thought only to be known in Shakespeare
Or up on the silver screen
I want to fly so far away that it is not even possible to think of you
I wish to dream, no, to sleep no more
Or instead to sleep for eternity
Whichever means will end this curse